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Exclusively for couples, however, the only men are accepted on selection.

The Swinger Club

The world of debauchery VIP offers you dive into the exquisite evenings naughty nights from Cap d’Agde.Vous can dance, show you in sexy outfits and indulge in sex games until dawn …

True to the tradition and naughty under the sign of eroticism, initiated or amateurs let yourself to new experiences.

Access to regulated Naturist Village, libertine club for major pairs and the management reserves the right input.

Call our hostesses 30 minutes before arrival.

Phone: 04 67 01 55 49


Have fun and play all your charms, dare accessories and sexy outfits to set values seductress who is you.All eccentricities make the most beautiful evenings: dare, surprise …
All disco evenings are theme, music heater to the bodies and minds. Whether or Swinging gently fetish caudalistes everything is done to facilitate meetings between couples libertines.
An area of more than 500 m² for cuddling with a corner reserved for couples and one for three. Several health and bathrooms are at your disposal …



01. The correct and sexy outfit you must have.
02. Respect and correction with others; you will have.
03. More Couples 18 years you will be.
04. swinger etiquette you adopt.
05. Vulgarity you forbid you.
06. The refinement and libertine spirit you will share.
07. The choice for women and freedom of action you leave.
08. Without the agreement or invitation of a woman, you do peloterez.
09. Prohibition of you stamp without being prompted.
10. The restraint and discretion you keep your evenings.

“Agenda Night”

Party Night coming soon:

Want to love an exhibition

Want to post a picture of yourself in an unusual place, or just for fun …
Exhibition picture
Rencontres echangistes

Vue Aérienne Camp Naturiste


To book, call: 04 67 01 55 49
4 drinks
ticket couple + bottle
Max 2 couples
2 drinks
Friday & Saturday
2 drinks
Above all, a Libertine Club is a club where we have fun, where we did meet and where we freely indulges in the pleasures. We can go to be seen, to view or practice ….

You will never feel sexually harassed in a Libertine Club.


  1. claire-118x118
    “ Lors de mes déplacement au Cap d'Agde, je ne manque jamais une occasion d'aller au Glamour  ”...
    Claire Castel /
  2. lola-118x118
    “Souvent au Cap d'Agde,  j'adore aller au Glamour purement pour mon plaisir personnel et peut être pour mon coté exhib... ”...
    Lola Rêve /
  3. angel-118x118
    “ Ambassadrice du Glamour en 2013, je retourne très souvent a ce club pour des week-ends réussis, a y aller les yeux fermés”...
    Angel Lamour /


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Glamour is the biggest swinger club in Europe with a capacity of more than 1,000 couples. However, the management reserves the right to authorize the presence of single men strictly selected for their impeccable behavior.

You are swinger and want to have fun?

Why not come to the club libertine Glamour Cap d’Adge. Indeed, the nude beaches of Cap d’Adge would be nothing without the Glamour. Glamour is a libertine club that consists of a dance floor where all the bodies are heated and bar. In addition, the club provides all the libertines present hugs corners. Similarly, you can find spaces for couples but also spaces for specifically for trios wanting a pleasure. Throughout the year, the club is the ideal place to spend nights and evenings under the sign of roguery and libertinism. Whether you are accustomed debauchery or amateurs of this practice, you can go to the club to experience moments of passion and madness from other libertines. In addition to various parties, we organize many events where you can use all your charms and all your accessories. Disco themed evenings are regularly which will allow you to give free rein to your imagination and your festive spirit and naughty. By joining us, you will also enjoy the town and the naturist camp to the delight of many libertines. Glamour at the club, you will experience exceptional and very erotic evening until morning.

Une citations célébres sur le libertinage : Le coeur d'un libertin est fait comme une auberge on y trouve à toute heure un grand feu bien nourri.
Alfred de Musset


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address: 1, bd des Matelos – 34300, Le Cap d’Agde


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Just dive into the pleasures of sensuality daring games to teasingly living your lunch after summer …
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